Families, neighborhoods, sports teams and humans tend to group with other humans for support, diversion, and relationships. At Seaside, we desire to cultivate Communities on a mission. As part of building deeper foundations in our relationships, we meet in bible studies and relational/affinity groups (such as sewing/crafting, men's and women's groups - both large and small, young marrieds, and the like) throughout the area in addition to being involved in a larger Community.

If you’re new to the Seaside or have yet to get plugged in, this is another of the primary ways to meet and live in community with the folks that call Seaside home, living life together within the larger communities that we are already a part of, seeking that we, being imbedded in the culture in which we were called to live, can more clearly declare the Gospel of Christ to all people.  Email us for more info:kauai@seasidechurch.com