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Partnership for us is all about relationships. While it’s true that many church communities “support” other works and ministries, at Seaside we believe that must go deeper than a check and posting newsletters. Partnerships involve mutual relationship - an involvement in each other’s lives (as best possible) - with prayer, encouragement, counsel, and financial support all playing their respective parts.

“According to Paul, gospel partnership is the normal christian life.  It means standing
together united in the Gospel, determined to live as citizens of heaven in the midst of our
corrupt generation, longing & striking to see the Gospel be defended & proclaimed, & bravely copping the conflict, struggle, and persecution that inevitably follow.

The practical outworking of this partnership is broad ranging.  We see the Philippians
praying for Paul (1.19); we see them sharing in his troubles by sending financial help (4.14-
19); we see Philippians like Epaphroditus,Euodia, Syntyche & Clement among Paul's band of
co-[laborers]; and we see the Philippians being called to imitate Paul in contending for the
Gospel despite hostility from without & opposition from within (3.17-4.1)

The Gospel itself demands that we stand w/our leaders & preachers in profound unity,
teamwork & solidarity - not b/c of their personalities or gifts, but b/c of our own common
partnership in the Gospel of Jesus Crhist.  There aren't two classes of Christians - the
partners & the spectators.  We're all in it together.” [pg 66 The Trelis & The Vine]

@ Seaside:

Being a Partner involves common history/story
At Seaside we firmly believe that in order to be part of a work or ministry
there should be connection - a connection that is wrought from common
history or story. This means that our focus is supporting those who we as a
body have vetted and lived life with, in order to be more fully invested in the
Partnership relationship

Being a Partner involves relationship:
-Sharing of tangible and intellectual materials to encourage and spur
maturity & growth

Being a Partner involves we agree on core beliefs in the areas of:
-Common Community
-Common Discipleship
-Common Training