Seaside Church is a group of people that God is calling together for the building of a missional community in Kauai, with Communities starting to meet all over the island of Kauai in 2013.

We believe in the one true God who gives us life through His son Jesus Christ, and that our values of Truth, Family, God, Community, and Training are helping to shape us into something beautiful, something new, and in truth, taking us back to our origins. Because we are being made into the image of Christ, we have our identity in Him, and this hope drives us to declare to the world around us the glory of this God who wrought an unbelievable sacrifice on our behalf in order to bring us home. This is the Gospel - and if you would like to know what all that means in more detail, go over here.

We realize that this is not easy, and that we must be a people who live in a way that He can work powerfully and actively through us, changing our hearts and lives in order to see other's lives and hearts changed. Hebrews says that the Builder of all things is God, and much as we have seen Him work in the building of this Community, we are seeking that He would do the same through us to the Community around us, being worshippers of God who are bringing others to worship Him, to the glory of God.

The world teaches each person can have their own "truth," and that my truth doesn't have to be your truth, which anything really true? At Seaside Church, we believe the writings in the Bible to be the authoritative words of the one true God from whom has come the real meaning of this thing we call life.

Most simply put, He is God and we are not. Graciously though, He desires for us to know Him, who He has made us to be in Him, and for us to seek His ways for how we should live in response to that, which is our act of worship to Him. He makes Himself known throughout all of His creation, through His written word, through His son Jesus, and through the men and women He's redeemed.

What does that mean in terms of how you "live" as a church - watch this video to get a better idea of what a missional community looks like -

If you are looking for a church community in Kauai, we'd love to meet you. Send us an email over here:  Need prayer? Click here for more info